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Egypt: A Journey Through Time Article

Tourism in Egypt has been on the low since the Arab Spring and even before. Every year it’s becoming worse. Before leaving Canada for my three-week trip to Egypt this year, I knew I was going to write about the country, but it’s only after those three weeks that I decided to orient my article towards tourism. I am aware that this article won’t change anything about Egyptian tourism, but my goal is to let people know that Egypt is a safe place for tourists. It is one of the most beautiful countries of the world, not just because of its history, but also because of its hidden treasures and wonderful people. I hope that sharing my love for Egypt will change people’s perception about it and make them want to catch the first available flight. Thank you so much for reading my articles so far and hope you’ll enjoy this one! 🙂

Please read here and share it! Thank you 😀

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