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I just hit the 1k followers on Instagram haha. I know, it’s not a big deal and not what matters in life, still it’s a cool thing hehe. In honour of my new minuscule social media milestone, I’d like to welcome my new followers with 20 facts about me. 😉

I can’t believe it, but it looks like my dream came true! My article on poetry has been published on the Our Languages Blog by the Translation Bureau of the Government of Canada (What? The GOVERNMENT? YESSSSSS!!!). If you want to read my four little tips on writing simple but deep poems, click here. The …

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Tourism in Egypt has been on the low since the Arab Spring and even before. Every year it’s becoming worse. Before leaving Canada for my three-week trip to Egypt this year, I knew I was going to write about the country, but it’s only after those three weeks that I decided to orient my article …

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