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Disclaimer: This blog post is not detailed, assuming the readers already know about the content of the Bible. To know more about the Bible and the Book of Jonah in particular, please visit the following link: Last week, from February 10 to February 12, I fasted three days for Jonah’s fast. Orthodox Christians do …

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Last week, I went to the States with my lovely parents. I’ll share all the things we did and where we stayed without writing a novel. Let’s start!

For once, I wanted to listen to God’s voice, to Him speaking to me through His creation. – Pour une fois, j’ai voulu écouter la voix de Dieu, cette voix qui me parle à travers Sa création.

Here are poems that were posted on my Instagram during the month of January & February.

Goodbye 2016? Hello 2017?

Tourism in Egypt has been on the low since the Arab Spring and even before. Every year it’s becoming worse. Before leaving Canada for my three-week trip to Egypt this year, I knew I was going to write about the country, but it’s only after those three weeks that I decided to orient my article …

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