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I just hit the 1k followers on Instagram haha. I know, it’s not a big deal and not what matters in life, still it’s a cool thing hehe. In honour of my new minuscule social media milestone, I’d like to welcome my new followers with 20 facts about me. 😉

it’s funny to #remember one’s #birthday, but not being able to #celebrate with them. 🎉they’re either in another #city, or flying around #galaxies, maybe as #fast as the speed of light. 💫 but at least, you remember. your mind should never shred the #memories of your loved ones, particularly those who might now be #angels …

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Tourism in Egypt has been on the low since the Arab Spring and even before. Every year it’s becoming worse. Before leaving Canada for my three-week trip to Egypt this year, I knew I was going to write about the country, but it’s only after those three weeks that I decided to orient my article …

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