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Photography – Coffee Shop Series, Part 3

This is the third part of the Coffee Shop series. The inspiration behind this Coffee Shop series was Jasmine’s style. Since I had the idea of the series and had previously collaborated with Jasmine, I always knew I wanted her in the series, and I always knew I wanted her style to bring up that chic side of the series, if that makes any sense. Jasmine, a fashion blogger whom you can follow here, agreed to the idea. When I contacted her for this collaboration, she told me she wanted to change her Instagram feed a little bit and really wanted some pink in her pictures. This “criteria” led to the choice of the café: Ginkgo.

This place is a café in the morning and turns into a bar at night, which we didn’t know. Therefore, when we arrived at about 8pm, there was no more coffee to drink, but there were a lot of people and loud music. That might have influenced our mood: we were quite energetic. We found a small corner where we sat. There was no one around us, so it was perfect to take pictures. It was a bit dark, but we wanted to give the impression that it was early afternoon, so I managed to set my camera accordingly. That corner was exactly what we wanted it to be: pink, simple, chic, and matching Jasmine’s style.

As for Jasmine’s clothes, I told her, like I tell every model for this series, to be herself. It was to me a coincidence that her top matched a bit Maggie’s top in the Winter Wonderland part of the series. I guess you could say that there was a mix of holiday seasons with Jasmine’s style in this one. In that corner where we were sitting, there was a plant as well, which brought a little contrast to the pink setting we had.

As we were taking pictures, I realized how different every model I collaborated with was. With Sylande, for example, it’s so easy to tell her what to do, or how to pose since she’s used to castings and similar environments. With Maggie, it was sometimes me leading or her giving me ideas. This time with Jasmine, it was hard because I had to find other ideas or poses that suited Jasmine more. Thus, in the end, I asked her to lead me and to tell me what kind of pictures she envisioned for her feed.

The more we took pictures, the more we got creative. We used the plant and setting as props. Jasmine also ordered a plate of grilled cheese (which is probably my favourite picture because Jasmine looks so happy), so we used that as well. Then, when we decided to leave, we took pictures outside. Jasmine wanted me to take pictures of her winter outfits. It might be weird to say that, but thank God there was a snow storm that day because it gave us some super cool pictures, which were not taken inside the café.

That was my last photoshoot of 2017. Who is excited for the future coffee shop series?

Don’t forget to read Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already!

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