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Diana (click here to follow her!) was inspired by the current situation the world is going through: the cruel pandemic called COVID-19, so she sent me an illustration. We agreed that I would write a poem. However, when it came to write, I couldn’t write a poem. I had so much to say. Plus, her …

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J’ai collaboré avec la talentueuse Diana Aziz. Pour voir son portfolio, cliquez ici. Diana est venue avec une idée, inspirée par une citation qu’elle a lue. Celle-ci l’a inspirée à faire un dessin d’un papillon et d’un soleil… Diana m’a donc montré son illustration (très jolie en passant) afin que ça m’inspire à écrire un …

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Today is Holi (in India), and I can’t help but read “Holy”.

thinking of the #futureand #overthinking and responding to hypothetical #questions got me like… 😬but two days ago, a very good #friend of mine told me to just let it go and let God take control. there’s so much #power and #freedom in just trusting God. you’ll be #free of bad #thoughts and negative #stress and you’ll be soooo #happy, you have no idea. always remind yourself that if God doesn’t want it, then …

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here’s some tips on writing in my second YouTube video: and here is a little message to all the women i love (happy international women’s day!) ❤ :