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This is the second part of the Coffee Shop Series. Following the first unexpected photoshoot (Tigress in the Jungle), I had a couple of ideas for what to do next. I had certain people in mind for specific coffee shops, but then I realized I was planning it all and not leaving much space for …

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I decided to write about photography on my blog. I am a writer first, but I believe that an image/photograph is worth a thousand words; hence, I want to combine writing and photography whenever I can. In this present post, I want to talk about one of my photography series: the Coffee Shop Series.

This year is quite a strange one for everyone across the globe. Our worlds are changing drastically on so many levels: culturally, socially, politically, financially, and most importantly, healthily. One of the traditions I’ve kept over the years is to travel to a particular place every year. My plans this year have been cancelled, but …

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Here are poems that were posted on my Instagram during the month of January & February.