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This year is quite a strange one for everyone across the globe. Our worlds are changing drastically on so many levels: culturally, socially, politically, financially, and most importantly, healthily. One of the traditions I’ve kept over the years is to travel to a particular place every year. My plans this year have been cancelled, but …

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Diana (click here to follow her!) was inspired by the current situation the world is going through: the cruel pandemic called COVID-19, so she sent me an illustration. We agreed that I would write a poem. However, when it came to write, I couldn’t write a poem. I had so much to say. Plus, her …

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For once, I wanted to listen to God’s voice, to Him speaking to me through His creation. – Pour une fois, j’ai voulu écouter la voix de Dieu, cette voix qui me parle à travers Sa création.

Thoughts during Lent: Body Image – Part 1

How to love yourself the Christian way.

Today is Holi (in India), and I can’t help but read “Holy”.

maybe you thought talking to a #friend you haven’t spoken to in so long was a good #idea, but you got slapped in the #face when they didn’t respond back. when they didn’t answer your simple #question. your simple #howareyouor #doyouremember. maybe they thought you were being opportunistic. maybe it’s the #jetlag 🕞. maybe they’re doing exactly what you did to them long ago. maybe …

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