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This year is quite a strange one for everyone across the globe. Our worlds are changing drastically on so many levels: culturally, socially, politically, financially, and most importantly, healthily. One of the traditions I’ve kept over the years is to travel to a particular place every year. My plans this year have been cancelled, but …

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To the ones that made me feel like home for five days straight, that made me promise to never change who I am, that loved my sense of humour, that have golden and open hearts, that warmly welcomed us, that cook super well, that encouraged me to serve, that are bold in their faith, that …

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For once, I wanted to listen to God’s voice, to Him speaking to me through His creation. – Pour une fois, j’ai voulu écouter la voix de Dieu, cette voix qui me parle à travers Sa création.

How to love yourself the Christian way.

i remember #feeling #broken and #lost for a while and i kept #asking myself, “who am i called to be?” then one day, i #read one #simple sentence that shook and brought me instantly to #tears: “He is broken for us to be whole.” in this phrase lies the main #purpose of our Lord Jesus Christ: Him dying on the cross to #save us. He broke Himself completely for us not …

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Here are poems that were posted on my Instagram during the month of January & February.