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Disclaimer: This blog post is not detailed, assuming the readers already know about the content of the Bible. To know more about the Bible and the Book of Jonah in particular, please visit the following link: Last week, from February 10 to February 12, I fasted three days for Jonah’s fast. Orthodox Christians do …

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Last week, I went to the States with my lovely parents. I’ll share all the things we did and where we stayed without writing a novel. Let’s start!

To the ones that made me feel like home for five days straight, that made me promise to never change who I am, that loved my sense of humour, that have golden and open hearts, that warmly welcomed us, that cook super well, that encouraged me to serve, that are bold in their faith, that …

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Today is Holi (in India), and I can’t help but read “Holy”.

Here are poems that were posted on my Instagram during the month of January & February.

Purchase my new poetry book, HoneyFace, Hers Truly now! It’s finally out! 😀 Thank you to all of you who supported and encouraged me and appreciate my work. This is a dream come true, it means the world to me ❤ God bless! Click here for paperback version and here for ebook version of the book! Thanks …

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