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I can’t believe it, but it looks like my dream came true! My article on poetry has been published on the Our Languages Blog by the Translation Bureau of the Government of Canada (What? The GOVERNMENT? YESSSSSS!!!). If you want to read my four little tips on writing simple but deep poems, click here. The …

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Today is Holi (in India), and I can’t help but read “Holy”.

one day, something will turn your #world upside down. or maybe it already has. it could be a text, a #phonecall, a letter, a #facebook post, a #party, a bad or good grade, a loss, a rejection, a first job, a camping trip, a #car accident, a simple encounter with a #stranger, a trip to #Paris, a shooting, a #disease, a natural catastrophe, a #breakup, a new #friend, …

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