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Gift Ideas – Book Edition

Here are some book gift ideas for your loved ones. These are books that I have and loved and I totally recommend them. Stay tuned for other gift ideas editions!

P.S. Try to encourage independent or second-hand bookstores when buying books!

Some bookstores favorites (in Montreal):

1- For the fashion lover:

I loved this book so much that I think I read it in one sitting. It’s like one long fun essay on fashion. I love Alexa’s writing style. I am so sad she hasn’t written another book yet.

2- For the coffee lover:

Found this one at Urban Outfitters. I love coffee and since I am working from home, I get to use my coffee machine more often. It’s a useful book when you have guests at home because you get to recreate all your favourite coffee shop drinks!

3- For the spiritual person:

You can read this book in one sitting, but I would recommend taking your time and meditating on the writings. It is so deep and beautiful, it touches the heart.

4- For the cook:

I went to LA last October, ate at the Grand Central Market, and loved it. I then found this book, freaked out, got nostalgic, and bought it! It has the recipes of the most popular meals found at the market. Having this book will help you add a warm and exotic touch to your recipes. 🙂

5- For the memoir/biography lover:

I remember seeing it at Indigo when it came out and I was captivated by the title and Demi’s picture. I have only seen one or two Demi Moore movies, but I love memoirs and something inside me pushed me to buy this book. I read it in two days and couldn’t stop thinking about it for a while. There are a lot of lessons learned any reader can relate to. Although it’s a heavy read, it is definitely a must.

6- For the romantic:

A lot of romance books are my favourites, but most of them have explicit or spicy scenes, which I skip all the time. However, The Last Goodbye was the most mature, realistic, and cleanest romance I have read and I loved it. I was at a bookstore and asked my mother to choose a book for me and she chose that one (talk about good instincts lol!). It was refreshing to read about loss, anxiety, healing, and on characters who are in their mid-thirties, almost 40.

7- For the poet:

If you know me, you know I love reading and writing poetry, so I could have put so many books in that category, but I chose Sarah Kay because I feel like she is one of the very few talented modern (spoken word) poets and I believe she’s underrated. She is clever in her choice of words. You should watch her Ted Talk If I Should Have a Daughter!!

8- For the one who reads self-help books:

I like self-help books, but I am very picky when it comes to reading them. I feel like a lot of them are superficial, or most of their pages are fillers, and the books could be reduced to 50 pages. I am often disappointed because it seems to me that this genre exists mainly to make money and not actually help people. Nonetheless, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone was a pleasant surprise and really informative!

9- For the Francophile:

My mother tongue is French and all my life, I have been to French schools. Needless to say, I also read in French. This book was part of my curriculum in high school and I never forgot its story. It’s poignant, unexpected, and unforgettable.

10- For the wannabe bartender:

I rarely have a drink. I am mostly someone who likes to stay home. invite people over, make drinks for them. I love hosting guests! Therefore, I bought this book to learn and succeed at being a good home bartender. I love how it is a user-friendly guide to making cocktails.

11- For the children/child-like heart:

After I read this book, I went and bought all the other Shel Silverstein books. Maybe not all of them, but that just tells you how much I loved this one, and I believe it’s for all ages. It’s funny, clever, and reflective.

12- For the wise person:

I have used this book year and it’s one of my favourite devotionals ever. It’s deep, touching, and reflective. It leaves you meditating on certain aspects of life for a while. It does provide a bit of wisdom every day.

13- For the one who supports local:

I love to support local, especially when it comes to my friends. This is Alexia’s second book. She is one of the most honest and authentic writers I know and she’s totally relatable. This girl is wise beyond her years!

14- For the aspiring entrepreneur:

Although she left Nasty Gal and all that jazz, Sophia Amoruso is one of the most influential entrepreneurs of this day and age. Her first memoir (or business guide) is one of my favourites of all time. There are some crucial lessons I never forgot. I still remind myself of them in some situations to this day. I simply am a big fan of this woman. I have seen her at the Girlboss Rally in NYC in 2018, and let me tell you: she’s so down-to-earth, inspiring, and authentic. I love her presence on social media and reading her newsletters. Did I mention I love her? 😉

15- For the graphic novel lover:

Habibi… What can I say? This big graphic novel left me speechless for days. That’s all I have to say.

16- For the classic lover:

In my opinion, the best book ever written. My favourite classic ever. Take my word for it!

17- For the feminist:

Feminism has always been an important and mysterious subject for me. I have read a couple of books on the subject and I have yet to read some more, but Jessa Crispin’s take on it has been the most refreshing I have read so far.

18- For the BIPOC supporter:

A novel I have randomly picked up at Indigo probably because the title intrigued me. I don’t regret reading it at all. In fact, this one impacted me in a way it is hard to describe in a short paragraph. It felt real maybe because racism is something I have written about a couple of times and have been a victim of. Therefore, to read about it in the way Laila Lalami wrote it was an interesting and emotional experience. Can’t wait to read more of her books.

19- For the bestie:

I don’t think that there are enough conversations on adult friendships, so this book came at the right period of time in my life. Everyone in their twenties, thirties, and even later, should read it.

20- For the adventurer:

I am really fond of Kerouac, as much as a writer as a literary revolutionist. I love his thirst for adventure and change. On the Road is a classic that never gets old. It’s for all the young believers in life, love, art, and making the world a better and freer place.

21- For the activist:

Before Malala Yousafzai, there were other female activists. One of them is Malalai Joya. I am so glad my English teacher in CEGEP made us read this one. EVERYONE has to read it!

22- For the person who cares too much about people’s opinions:

The title, although slightly vulgar, is self-explanatory. It’s quite a simple, reflective, and interesting read for any worrier out there.

23- For the aspiring influencer:

The book cover says it all. I have been following Tezza for years now. No wonder she’s still rising, accumulating many followers, is authentic, and stays true to her art and style even if she has grown and has been on Forbes’ list. It is a really great guide for photography and using Instagram efficiently for promotion.

24- For the photographer:

Brandon Woelfel is one of the very few modern photographers who are unique. The man developed his style over the years and now everyone wants to take pictures like he does. You should see the countless of challenges on YouTube that are titled something in the lines of “Taking Pictures in the Style of Brandon Woelfel”.

25- For the cinephile:

It’s physically a heavy and big book, but so worth it for someone who loves movies!! Great selection of movies from that decade.

26- For the wine lover/aspiring connoisseur:

There was a point in my life when I thought that maybe knowing more about wine would make me a little smarter or fancier lol, so I bought this book. I might not be fancier, but I did learn more, and now I know which wine pairs well with which food, and more!

27- For the science fiction genre lover:

I don’t like sci-fi or fantasy in general, but I had to read this one for school and loved it. I am not done the whole series though, but I am planning to finish it one day.

28- For the (aspiring) writer:

This is more of a notebook with cool prompts that push you to be honest with yourself, especially as a writer. I didn’t burn it though. I might try it one day haha.

29- For the one with a good sense of humour:

You can’t go wrong with Oscar Wilde. Nice and witty play. And it makes you feel more cultured to read such books. 🙂

30- For the tearjerker lover:

There is like one tear that uncontrollably fell down by the end of the book. That should be enough info. 😛

31- For the dystopia lover:

A classic dystopia. Even the people who don’t like to read like it.

32- For the teenager:

If you read all the books and watched the movie, then you’re a true fan like me. Just looking at the book title makes me nostalgic now. If you have teenagers in your family, it would be cool to pass the book to the newest generation. Otherwise, they’ll miss out.

33- For the philosopher:

I read this while I was in Egypt in December of 2015 and it somehow made the experience different and almost spiritual. So much wisdom in this book. It’s for everyone person from any walk of life, it’s so universal, it’s only normal that it is a best-seller.

34- For the traveler:

Cute graphic book on architectural facts around the world. For anyone who aspires to travel or who is already a globe-trotter!

35- For the music lover:

This one is particular. I was going to put a biography of a singer or musician in this category, but decided to put something different: what about a poetry book written by a singer? Lana Del Rey has always been a poet, a misunderstood one, in my opinion. This book is like an extension to her songwriting. It’s beautiful and poignant and clever. It’s like a mix of Sylvia Plath and Charles Bukowski. Amazing!

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