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Movies That Made Me Cry

I admit being a softie. Any emotional scene in a movie can get me teary-eyed. Sad movies can make me cry, but sometimes, they can make me bawl. Here are the ones that hit me the most. I can never forget them.

1. Dancer In The Dark

I had to write an essay about the movie for my films’ class in CEGEP. I was so last minute, I watched it late at night and when it was done, it was about midnight. That night, I was staying at my grandma’s and my aunt was there. I had watched the movie in the office, so I could use the computer to type my essay. I was bawling so hard that I couldn’t start writing anything. My aunt passed by and heard me crying, thinking something bad happened. Yup, this is how much it made me cry. You want to know and truly comprehend a mother’s unconditional love for her son? Then watch this movie. You have to.

2. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

I had to read the book in high school, then watch the movie, for English class. When I read the book, I was angry at the ending. My wide-eyed soul could not accept cruelty at the time. Then I watched the movie and it hurt seeing the ending in front of my eyes. When the teacher turned off the TV, all I could hear was my little tears and my classmates sniffling.

3. Awakenings

Yes, another movie I had to watch for school and this time, it was for my psychology class. It’s based on a true story and Robin Williams and Robert De Niro are probably the best actors ever. It must have been hard for them to act out some scenes. Anyway, you have to watch it.

4. A Star is Born

You’ve probably watched it. I was at the movies with my cousin and my friend and we were so excited to see it because duh, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are in it and make such a hot rock ‘n’ roll couple. But damn, we didn’t expect the ending. I remember hearing the whole audience trying so hard to cry in silence. Sniffing and crying are all we heard as everyone was leaving the room when the movie ended.

5. Miracle in Cell #7

I never watched the original version, but I watched the 2019 one. This movie, compared to the ones in this list, is the one with the most positive ending even though you’ll get to a scene that will make you cry and you won’t be able to breathe for a bit.

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