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Diana (click here to follow her!) was inspired by the current situation the world is going through: the cruel pandemic called COVID-19, so she sent me an illustration. We agreed that I would write a poem. However, when it came to write, I couldn’t write a poem. I had so much to say. Plus, her illustration was literally worth a thousand words, it was telling a story. And every time I looked at it, the story spoke of hope. When I sent the short story to Diana, she came back with three illustrations. Here’s the result! Let me know what you think!

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J’ai collaboré avec la talentueuse Diana Aziz. Pour voir son portfolio, cliquez ici.

Diana est venue avec une idée, inspirée par une citation qu’elle a lue. Celle-ci l’a inspirée à faire un dessin d’un papillon et d’un soleil… Diana m’a donc montré son illustration (très jolie en passant) afin que ça m’inspire à écrire un poème que j’ai finalement appelé post-obit. Ça m’a fait du bien d’écrire en français, car c’est ma langue maternelle. Voici le résultat! Qu’en pensez-vous? Continue reading

Disclaimer: This blog post is not detailed, assuming the readers already know about the content of the Bible. To know more about the Bible and the Book of Jonah in particular, please visit the following link:

Last week, from February 10 to February 12, I fasted three days for Jonah’s fast. Orthodox Christians do this in order to commemorate the three days Prophet Jonah spent inside the fish and Nineveh’s repentance. This year, I actually cared about fasting and reading the book of Jonah, not because I didn’t know the story, but because I never related to it, nor understood in what context I could apply the lessons learned in my life.

After reading the four chapters of the book of Jonah and researching the meaning behind them, the prophet’s story hit me close to home, especially the last chapter. The chapters might seem short, but you have to read them in between the lines to grasp the main message. Here are the things I learned.

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What is MR-63? Read it here.

Qu’est-ce que le projet MR-63? Voir ici.

Where is it? 259 Young Street, Montreal, Quebec

Où? 259 Rue Young, Montréal, Quebec

Why should you go? It’s a zero-waste outdoors coffee shop in the heart of Griffintown and it looks super cute and the coffee tastes super good. My mom loved her almond-milk cappuccino and when my mom loves something, you know it’s GOOD.

Pourquoi y aller? C’est un café en plein air (à zéro déchet) situé au cœur de Griffintown et il a l’air super mignon et le goût du café est frais et de qualité. Ma mère a adoré son cappuccino au lait d’amande et quand ma mère aime quelque chose, vous savez que c’est BON!

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Last week, I went to the States with my lovely parents. I’ll share all the things we did and where we stayed without writing a novel. Let’s start!

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To the ones that made me feel like home for five days straight, that made me promise to never change who I am, that loved my sense of humour, that have golden and open hearts, that warmly welcomed us, that cook super well, that encouraged me to serve, that are bold in their faith, that were our second or third mothers to us, that have a height I look up to, that can sing, draw, and be talented like no one else, that are soft in their manners like doves, that are funnier than America’s best comedians, that share a passion for books, that are little innocent geniuses, that have the best semi-broken Arabic, that know how to read Arabic and Coptic (props to youuuuu), that are wannabe Montrealers, and that are amazing travelling companions… this article is for you.

Last week, I embarked on a short spiritual trip. I had no idea, not even the slightest clue on what to expect. No one told me what we were going to do, nor what to expect from a week at a monastery. I didn’t even know who from church was going to the trip. And you know what? Not knowing anything led to the best surprise ever.

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I’ve been planning to write so many blog posts since 2019 started, but I haven’t written a single thing! Blame it on the lack or waste of time, blame it on the millions of things I want to do, but can’t seem to (and that, you can blame it on the lack of courage, confidence, or just unexpected events, interrupted plans, etc.), and the list goes on and on… I can’t believe we’re already in May! It’s almost half a year, it’s almost summer, and it’s almost my birthday, and I don’t know how to feel at all. Actually, now that I’m sick, I can’t help but feel a kaleidoscope of emotions I can’t describe, yet one I thing I know is that I am extremely exhausted. My body has been begging me to slow down, but that’s the one thing I hate to do. I basically have to kill my body to rest.

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