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Songs to Listen to on Valentine’s Day

I don’t really care about Valentine’s Day, but I will use any excuse to talk about music. Some people celebrate Valentine’s Day, others, Galentine’s Day, and the rest, nothing. I thus created a playlist for every kind of Valentine/Non-Valentine out there. Enjoy!

1- For the lovers:

At this point, you shouldn’t be surprised to see Taylor Swift on any playlist I create. She’s the best. Period.

2- For the heartbreakers:

You’ve been played in the past, so now you’re more cautious. Maybe you’re so cautious that you become the player and break hearts in return. Marina teaches us how to break hearts, so we don’t get hurt. I’m not saying it’s right, but the song is funny/clever and the beat, super good. Instead of breaking people’s hearts, listen to the song, sing out loud, and let your anger out. You’ll feel better. I promise.

3- For the Galentines:

Love your besties? Wanna root for them? Celebrate your friendship with this song. You’ll sing the truth while dancing the night away!

4- For the ones going through a break-up:

Amy Winehouse was one of a kind. A singer with an effortless voice, a talent like no other. Her songs are proof of the latter. You feel her pain when she sings, like it’s yours too. And you believe it when she says, “Tears dry on their own.” You know that day is going to come, soon or later, it doesn’t matter. But one day, tears will indeed dry on their own.

5- For the ones choosing self-love:

Can you believe that this song is 20 years old? But it also never gets old 😉. It was ahead of its time: Christina Aguilera singing about self-love before it became a trend. Beautiful indeed.

6- For the passionate people:

I’m passionate about my dreams, my calling, my purpose. There’s something about changing the world that makes my heart beat fast. That’s how I feel about “Man In The Mirror.” You hear this passion in Michael Jackson’s voice, as if he’d rather die than not follow his calling, like it would be a crime not to start with the man in the mirror. And that 1998 Grammy performance was filled with passion. If you didn’t feel any emotion while watching it, then you have a hardened heart, or a lack of passion. 😜

7- For the ones nostalgic about young love:

Adele and nostalgia: the perfect ingredients for the tastiest cocktail.

Queen A all the way! 👑

8- For the ones crushing on someone:

This one is for high school who used to crush on Jesse McCartney. I don’t know about his soul, but his face is beautiful for sure. 😂

9- For the ones starting a relationship but are afraid:

Halsey is good at writing songs on insecurities when in love. “Finally” is one of the first songs she wrote in which she is happy to have found someone. However, she still can’t help being afraid. What if this new partner breaks her heart like all the other ones before? But love is so powerful, you can’t help falling anyway.

10- For the newly weds:

Miley Cyrus’ voice, the melody that feels like a warm breeze, and the mention of Holy Matrimony. Heavenly.

11- For the ones having been through a toxic relationship:

When they give you the “hot/cold” treatment, leave. Ellie Goulding describes it well, and she sings it well too.

12- For the ones who have been cheated on:

A legendary song ironically titled “Mr. Brightside.” The best.

13- For the Valentine’s Day haters:

The Pop Punk Princess came back strong last year with her album Love Sux, and the song of the same title doesn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, love sucks sometimes and it feels like throwing up.

14- When love drives you crazy:

There is only one song on being crazy in love. We all know it’s Queen Bey’s, but I prefer this version.

15- A re-telling of Romeo & Juliet’s story:

Grand Corps Malade: one of the best slam poets out there. Any song of his is relatable. He not only uses his own life experiences as inspiration, but also others’ as if he lived them himself. He is the embodiment of talent.

16- A song that has roses in it:

I know, I’m cheating here. Edith Piaf is not singing about roses but about seeing life in pink. It’s still a love song, and a legendary one.

17- A classic love song:

No description needed. International legend.

18- A happy love song:

A beautiful duet making you want to live for love. Another classic.

19- A sad love song:

Ahhhhhh! This song is heartbreakingly beautiful! Haven’t you ever wanted to scream to a crush who doesn’t know you exist: “I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW WHO I AM!” 🥺


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