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Movies I Like Based on a Pinterest List

I’m a cinephile. Sometimes, I think to myself, “if I can go back in time and change my university program, I would choose cinema.” I did think of doing my masters in film studies and I even dreamt of studying at the UCLA, but life never goes as planned… We never know, right? However, that doesn’t mean I never studied film. As a matter of fact, when I was in CEGEP, I was in the Arts and Letters program and attended various courses on film. Then, in university, I chose World Cinemas as my minor.

You see, I love movies, but hate TV shows. I never watch the latter in their entirety and never complete one season. The only shows I have ever liked are anything similar to CFSI or The Mentalist or Flashpoint (or whatever interesting mystery murder/thriller) and Suits. That’s it. Oh, and any Egyptian soap opera because they last only one season and are simply amazing. 😁 Anyway, here’s a list of movies I’ve watched and enjoyed. What are your favourite movies? Let me know!

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