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insta thoughts #9: violence.

i am thankful to have been born and raised in a #country that promotes #love #freedom and #equality. where #terrorism and other similar #violent#attacks don’t happen often. i am thankful to live the #life i’ve chosen and walk freely, being myself, in a democratic country. i am truly #blessed but how can i be at #peacewhen i hear gunshots from a privileged skin colour triggered at #humans in the country next to mine? how can i be #happy when i hear the #screams of humans simply asking for #democracy on the other side of the #ocean ? i can only #pray and hope. #hopethat my little #voice won’t be covered by police sirens everywhere. hope that my words will be read, no matter the number of readers. hope that i don’t forget to #writeabout #love. hope that all this #pain will end.

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