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insta thoughts #8: “He is broken for us to be whole.”

i remember #feeling #broken and #lost for a while and i kept #asking myself, “who am i called to be?” then one day, i #read one #simple sentence that shook and brought me instantly to #tears: “He is broken for us to be whole.” in this phrase lies the main #purpose of our Lord Jesus Christ: Him dying on the cross to #save us. He broke Himself completely for us not to be broken. He went until the #endto make us whole. how about that for #unconditionallove? this kind of #love is so unfathomable to me, i still #struggle to #understand it. that means that every Sunday during liturgy, i witness His crucifixion all over again. this is what the fraction of the bread is. God clearly stated that the partaking of the bread means the partaking of His body. therefore, when i see the bread being broken before my eyes, i see Christ being broken. that little piece of bread has the #power to #heal my #souland make me whole again. can you believe it? Christ used His brokenness and His pain as a means of hope and forgiveness and love for all His children. this moment during mass is so #beautiful and sacred to witness that it makes me wonder: how can i have the opportunity to assist liturgy when i don’t deserve it at all? well, i guess that’s the reason why we bow down and close our eyes (i speak mostly about orthodox liturgies) during this specific moment, a pure and divine mystery.

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