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insta thoughts #6: will 2017 ever end?

i don’t know what to say, neither what to think anymore. i’m torn between complete opposite #feelings. i wish i could #celebrate the #montreal #elections, but i hear #voices in the back of my #mindreminding me of the #news i #readyesterday: 26 innocent souls killed in a shooting in #texas. i just want to #hide from all these haunting and torturing news. i wish my hat was big enough to hide not only my #face, but also my whole #body. i want to #live every day without worries, but i can’t #help asking hypothetical questions, such as “how will i raise my #children in a future that #promises nothing but #heartbreak and suffering?” i can only #pray and mourn and #grow and #follow my ancestors’ footsteps: pave the way for the next generations. 2017 seems like everyone’s worst year, but i still have hope the world will become a better place, whether it’ll be in 2018-19-20, or 2067. i do. i dare to hope because hope is the one thing God gave us to overcome obstacles and persecutions. God is the only #friend we have left anyway.

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