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insta thoughts #5: brokenness.

i hope you had a good #day today. and if you didn’t, then i hope you learned something new. i hope you got the #chance to #cry your #pain out whether you were alone in your room or in the streets. i hope you won’t let the pain #change your kind #heart to a #cold one, your wide-eyed gaze to a mistrustful one. i can’t #promise you that tomorrow will be better. it might be #better in a couple of years. so i can’t promise that you’re gonna smile in the blink of an eye and forget your suffering. i mean, if we think about it, do you think Moses ever forgot the crime he committed for instance? no, but he understood one thing that every #saint and #holy person understood during their #spiritual growth: God had already #forgiven him. Knowing that God forgave and chose him for an extremely important #purpose turned him into a #leader. thus, he wasn’t #scared anymore. i don’t why you’re broken, if you are. but i do know you won’t be #broken forever. no brokenness is too big for our Lord to glue the pieces back together. remember the Lord is the first out of everyone around you to want your #happiness. just keep on having #faith and #trust.

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