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insta thoughts #11: coffee is never a bad idea.

maybe you thought talking to a #friend you haven’t spoken to in so long was a good #idea, but you got slapped in the #face when they didn’t respond back. when they didn’t answer your simple #question. your simple #howareyouor #doyouremember. maybe they thought you were being opportunistic. maybe it’s the #jetlag 🕞. maybe they’re doing exactly what you did to them long ago. maybe it’s too #painful for them to go back to the #memories and #poems you once shared. you could ask your little questions again to make sure they’re just having a #baddayand that they’re not actually #mad at you. or better, you should probably #pray for them, tell them #goodbye in your head, and just #letitgo. oh and why not drink a cup of #coffee to #forget it all.

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