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insta thoughts #10: upside down.

one day, something will turn your #world upside down. or maybe it already has. it could be a text, a #phonecall, a letter, a #facebook post, a #party, a bad or good grade, a loss, a rejection, a first job, a camping trip, a #car accident, a simple encounter with a #stranger, a trip to #Paris, a shooting, a #disease, a natural catastrophe, a #breakup, a new #friend, a #creative project, a #dream come true… anything. you might think you’re experiencing #hell on earth. but sometimes, it’s only when you burn that you get to know #peace. it’s only when your #soul hungers that it seeks His #word to be nourished. yes, you’ll never be the same, and no matter how tragical it seems, it doesn’t mean it’s #bad. trust me. i mean, here i am #writing, after walking through some flames (knowing that i’ll probably walk through some more in the #future) more #alive than ever.

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