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it’s funny to #remember one’s #birthday, but not being able to #celebrate with them. 🎉they’re either in another #city, or flying around #galaxies, maybe as #fast as the speed of light. 💫 but at least, you remember. your mind should never shred the #memories of your loved ones, particularly those who might now be #angels guarding us, especially during the #moments we don’t think of them. 👼🏻 you should go take a #walk next to their #underground wooden #bed and talk to them: rant about politics, confess your dirty little secrets, admit you have a #crush on that cute guy, cry and smile about existing, laugh about spilling your hot coffee on your nicest shirt (and #sensitive skin) right before work… just #share. they hear you. but don’t forget to bring #flowers and sing #happybirthday as if they were physically here. but i’m pretty sure that what they loved the most before leaving #planetearth was to drink some freshly ground #coffee like they used to do #backinthedays, probably before you were born, until their #lastbreath. so drink coffee in their name. ☕️besides, that’s so much better than eating a piece of cake. 🍰#happybirthdaygrandma #imissyou ❤️🌷 (at Leaves Cafe)

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