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i never really took a #bathroomselfie up until last week just because i thought #mcgill had nice and #fancy marble bathrooms. then i thought, what is this #trend of taking #pics in the bathroom? it reminded me of when we, ladies, put makeup for a certain amount of time and try to look as #perfect as we possibly can. but after half-an-hour, we still manage to find an #imperfection. we will fix our faces and hair until we are either fed up, or late for our night out, or feeling ok with what we see in the #mirror. and this is when we take a #selfie. when we think we’re fine, as if we already know that later in the evening, our #makeup will melt, our hair won’t resist #humidity, and taking a selfie will be too late. and that too-late selfie won’t gain as many likes as the one we should take right before we leave the bathroom. so how did we get to that point? why aren’t we ok with taking what we consider an “ugly” picture, then later laugh about it instead of posting the most “perfect” picture of our faces and think, “yeah, i’m #hot in this one, but i could be hotter.” i know we don’t always do that. and i know men go through the same. we all have our #insecure moments, but sometimes, society chooses what’s an insecurity and we stick to its definition thinking we should #feel the #same about the same things. anyway, all i’m saying is take as many selfies as you want, but post the ones that loudly #speak your unique personality and the memory they reflect. not the ones that make you look Monroe. because whether you’re rocking that red lipstick, or those sweatpants, you’re still the same, and damn, you’re beautiful.

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