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#happyvalentinesday everyone! 💕oh, Valentine’s Day was yesterday, right? but aren’t we all supposed to #love each other every second? to love ourselves? to love Him who has always loved us #unconditionally all the time? plus, i ain’t interested in those #red or #pink #chocolate boxes from the #drugstore. i may however accept the #roses. honestly, yesterday, i was too #busy #mourning #SaintValentine. i mean, you do know that Valentine was a priest, a #martyr, persecuted after being caught of marrying #lovers in #secret because some king at the time established some sort of #law, right? do you? i’m too #lazy and annoyed to tell you the whole #story in details. just #google it. but please, next Valentine’s Day, just think of how #blessed you are to get #married. i’m #serious. anyway, have a nice day loving and not capitalizing (meaning in this case buying into capitalism and not using capital letters. #justtobeclear) 🌷✌🏼 (at Dans la rue)

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